iPhone and iPad virus

The first significant virus to infect iPhones and iPads has just been discovered.

iPhone and iPad virus

The first significant virus to infect iPhones and iPads has just been discovered. “Wirelurker” is believed to have already infected more than 100,000 devices.

The American network security company Palo Alto Networks recently discovered the threat and has issued a warning that it heralds a new era in virus attacks.

How is it infecting devices?

Over the last six months, Wirelurker has infiltrated 467 applications on a third-party app store for Mac computers named Maiyadi. A third-party app store is simply an app store which is not run by Apple, this particular app store is primarily used in China.

Users of the app store have been downloading apps for their Mac computers which have been compromised. This means that when they plug their iPhones or iPads into their computers’ USB ports, the virus transfers itself across onto the device.

What does it do?

Once installed, the virus is able to steal information and send it away. Palo Alto Networks have also warned that the virus is still being developed and the intention of its creator is not yet clear.

Although the virus currently seems to have only infected Chinese users, Palo Alto Networks has warned that this is a threat to all iOS devices. In light of this discovery, they have offered the following advice to ensure that your device doesn’t become infected. 

  • employ an antivirus or security protection product for your Mac computer
  • do not download and run Mac applications or games from any third-party app store, download site or other untrusted source
  • keep the software version on your device up-to-date
  • do not connect your device to untrusted or unknown computers or devices
  • avoid charging your device with uncertified or untrusted chargers.

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Read more on Palo Alto Networks.


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