Loveless scam

Looking for love online might be bad for your bank balance. Be aware of the latest scam doing the rounds.

Hundreds, if not thousands of Australians every day are being scammed for thousands of dollars all in the name of love. Men and women are lured by the promise of a loving relationship by online Nigerian fraudsters posing as Australian retirees.

It’s estimated that victims stump up and average of $35,000 when given the sob story by someone they believe to be having a loving relationship with and they’re prepared to take time laying the groundwork before asking for money. In one case, Patricia developed a relationship with “David’ over six months, and, during a trip to Nigeria, he claimed he was mugged and needed $8,500, a substantial sum of money for anyone. She never saw him again and when realising she had been scammed, felt suicidal.

A good rule to keep in mind would be that if you can’t afford to loose it, don’t give it. To read more, click here.

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