Microsoft scam callers shut down

The alleged operators of the ‘Microsoft scam’ calls have been shut down

In a joint international operation between the Australian, Canadian and American authorities, the alleged operators of the ‘Microsoft scam’ calls have been shut down with their bank accounts frozen.

The scam was largely operated out of India. The scam involved a caller pretending to be calling from Microsoft. The caller told the victim that, according to a message sent from the victim’s computer to the Microsoft mainframe, the victim’s computer was infected with a virus. The caller would then offer to fix the virus for the user for free by instructing them to visit a website. The victim was told to download a program which would give the caller full access to the victim’s computer. Alternatively, the caller would ask for the victim’s credit card details to purchase and install an anti-virus program.

It is thought that over 10,000 people worldwide were struck by this cunning scam, which had been in operation since 2009. It took authorities until 2012 to gather enough evidence against the scammers due to the 130 different phone numbers and 80 domain names being used.

As the internet grows in popularity the number of scams increases. It is important to remember never to give out your credit card information by email or over the phone unless you have called the company in question. If someone does ask for your credit card details, ask for their phone number to call them back on after confirming the phone number is that of the company.


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    5th Oct 2012
    When is this supposed to have been shut down?
    I received 2 calls last week!
    5th Oct 2012
    About time it hs been around for ages and people still fall for it despite Microsoft never ringing their customers ... about all one has to remember and tell all your friends. If by chance you do get a phone call tell them to shove off & tell the police.
    5th Oct 2012
    I received a phone call the same day. The caller said he was from Universal Computor Care.

    5th Oct 2012
    My missus makes a point of listening to their spiel, asks for their first name (say, Josie) - then starts back on them, with -

    "Listen Josie, how would you feel if someone called you and tried to rob you, with a nasty, devious story and scheme, designed to get your credit card or bank account details, so they could extract large amounts of money from you, on the pretext of trying to help you? Don't you think that's the lowest form of human activity a person could indulge in?"

    If the caller is still hanging on in confusion at this stage, she goes on with, "You know, I trust that Karma comes back on you very soon, and that you lose large amounts of money shortly to scheming people!"

    Usually by this stage the caller has hung up, and I'm sitting there laughing- while she reckons she's got through to them, and made them feel guilt-stricken.

    I said to her, "Good luck! Those type of people have no conscience, no empathy for others, and they just see us as rich Westerners to be robbed!"
    She doesn't agree with me, and reckons she's started the Karma ball rolling. With this news, maybe she has!! LOL
    Pass the Ductape
    6th Oct 2012
    Much easier to say to unsolicited and annoying callers ......"Oh sorry -just a minute, I have someone knocking at the door!" Then leave the phone and walk away...... Come back about 10 mins later and they're sure to be gone. If they're still waiting, then say again - "Darn! there back at the door again - hold on please!" You can have enormous fun doing it this way.
    5th Oct 2012
    i stopped using I.E '
    5th Oct 2012
    Sometimes they call back a number of times when you either hang up on them, threaten them with the police, tell them you work for Microsoft, or play games with them.
    I just tell them I don't have any computers in my house while they can hear me typing on my laptop.
    5th Oct 2012
    I got a call from an Indian accent who said they were looking over my bank details, and named the bank, and told me they had overcharged me $40.00 per month on my account and want to repay me. I said "This is a scam, the bank don't ring customers, they write letters," he said,"Do you want a letter? "and I said "Yes"" to which he promptly hung up. I rang the bank immediately to inform them, and they said it was a scam. Be aware.
    6th Oct 2012
    i had a call about 6 weeks ago, a very rude indian, who i told in no uncertain terms what to do with his threat of dissabling my computer
    6th Oct 2012
    If any scammer threatened to disable my computer, I reckon my retort would be, "I'll give you disable!! Watch out I don't organise to have YOU disabled, for an extended period!! Remember I have your number on my caller ID! - and you don't know how long my tentacles are!!"

    The funniest and most satisfying story I read in recent years was the CC scammer (based in America) who rang a bloke in America, trying to fleece him, big time.

    The bloke went right along with the scammer, playing it dumb!

    What the scammer didn't know, was that the bloke he rang, was a covert FBI operative, who specialised in nailing Internet CC scammers!! LOL

    The FBI bloke led him along and then nailed him like a floorboard! I think the bloke was still on the computer to the "victim", when the FBI broke down his door and shoved their guns in his face! LOL

    He got a few years inside, and I wonder if he learnt anything? He probably went from CC scams to some other scam where he got underlings to do the dirty work.
    6th Oct 2012
    Warning - Not fully closed down yet I had one last night Fir 05Oct12
    6th Oct 2012
    Richard - These people are the human cockroaches of the world, you can't eliminate them, you can only nail them when you lift up the rock they've crawled under. As fast as one scam operation is shut down, another starts up. They are so lucrative, and most are set up by organised crime groups, who don't care about some of their "employees" being nailed.
    A lot of those poor buggers who call you, are actually living in abject poverty on $2 a day - and the promise of $5 a day to call scam victims, must look like a Lotto win for most of them.
    6th Oct 2012
    I emailed a suspcious email to my computer tech and he said he had not heard of Microsoft haing the attached problems and that it was a scam. Looked kosher! Sounded Kosher. Obviously not and but for his advice I may have responded. I want to wring the neck of whoever is doing it. Very unsettling!!! Frightening even.
    8th Oct 2012
    S friend's solution to this annoying problem is to get the person's name, company they work for, phone number etc. Then ask how they came by your IP address as that is an invasion of privacy and you will be passing on their information to the relevant authorities.
    8th Oct 2012
    The calls are now coming from people who are stating that they are from Windows and are not looking for problems with anti virus but are looking for happenings with other events on your computer. They have rung here on several times in the past months, the latest being last week. So all they have done is changed the tack. He stated he was calling from Sth Melbourne which I asked for more information which waqs never provided
    8th Oct 2012
    Last "Microsoft Scammer" that rang me caught me in a bad mood LOL.... I just exploded on the phone "Don't be so b----y stupid, this is rubbish" I didn't even get to finish "rubbish" ....he was gone

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