PC Virus – No April Fool

A computer worm named “Conflicker” has been infecting machines worldwide over the past months and is set to activate its new phase of terror on April 1.

Having already infected at least 3 million computers worldwide, this worm gains access to your computer via you clicking a link or item in an email from a friend, installing itself on your computer without you knowing, and then sending itself on to all your friends. Further more, it sends spam emails and creates more traffic in cyberspace, ultimately slowing down speeds worldwide!

Researchers studying the worm have found that on April 1, the worm is set to activate its second phase. While researchers say they are unsure exactly what will happen, and predict it could be used to cause massive network outages worldwide, attack government computers or simply be used as a cyber weapon to target websites, most likely it will come and go similar to the Y2K bug which had little to no effect when our clocks rolled over to 01/01/2000.

I expect to see some “April Fools Jokes” pop up from this virus over various well-known and visited websites on April 1.

To find out more about this menace, click here.

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