Protecting children online

Protecting children from stumbling across pornographic material, being sexually solicited or playing violent and inappropriate games on the internet is easier to control than you may think.

You don’t need to know much at all about the internet to implement a system of control on a computer, all you need is Net Nanny.

Net Nanny is the leading brand in Family Safety software for the Internet and has been protecting families worldwide since 2001. But how does this software work? And how much does it cost?

Net Nanny is installed on the computer you want protected and begins working immediately. You can set very minimum restrictions or extreme restrictions on the computer users. An example of minimum would be turning on the pornography blocker and internet filter while extreme restrictions would be the monitoring of all instant messaging of users by the system which provides email alerts if potential online predatory behavior, cyberbullying and other inappropriate comments are recorded.

Teenagers see this type of software as an invasion of privacy, and some parents agree, but in this day and age where teenagers are spending increased time online talking to strangers, and are not afraid to meet them, precautions such as these may just keep your children safe.

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