Beware supermarket scams

Recently, Drew found himself the target of a supermarket scam and he’s not been the only one, judging by the number of emails warning of similar incidents.

Currently making the rounds are emails which warn about the dangers of paying with your card at the supermarket or any other store.

It is alleged that, when you go to pay with your card, the cashier presses the cash out button on the screen (normally a small amount $10-$20). As you are focused on entering the correct pin code (no one wants to have a declined message), you are not really concentrating on the amount which is showing on the card reader; this amount includes the extra $10-$20 cash out. To ensure they don’t get caught with the cash on them, or are seen pocketing the cash by security cameras, the cashier doesn’t take the money. Instead, they have a friend come through their line near the end of their shift and hand the money over that way, so everything looks above board.

Drew had a similar incident happen to him in a supermarket this year with the cashier pressing $10 cash out. Luckily he spotted it and asked the person to remove the cash out. Of course, this could have been a genuine error by the cashier, but Drew believes otherwise.

With checkouts busy and shoppers harassed, there is a greater chance of this deceit going unnoticed, so be aware. Always double check any credit card slip or till display before signing or entering your PIN. And always check your receipt after purchase.