Death threat SMS scam

Yesterday a large number of Australians received an SMS telling them that someone had paid for them to be killed and they would be spared if they paid $5000.

Nicknamed the ‘hitman’ scam, this type of scam has been circulating sporadically for a number of years by SMS and email. Typically, the scammer claims to have been paid to assassinate the SMS/email recipient and that the person has a certain time frame to pay money an amount of money to not have the hitman go through with it. The scammer also claims that they are monitoring the person and any attempt to contact the police will result in the hitman going through with the kill.

This type of scam is rarely used and due to the infrequency of use, is very effective in scaring victims into believing they are being targeted and resulting in the money being paid. There is no need to contact the police as they are currently looking into the scam. It is however, important to let your friends and family know about this scam as one of them may have received the SMS and been too afraid to tell anyone

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