New scam warning

As sure as the sun rises in the morning, you can bet your bottom dollar that somewhere in the world a new scam email is being created. Drew shares the latest scam and explains why it is so sophisticated.

I received the following scam email last week and was generally impressed with how it was layed out.

The first sign of the email being a scam was the ‘from’ name which was simply ‘Michael’ with no surname. The email address seemed fairly legitimate and the subject line was titled ‘The Document’. The subject line alone made me open the email as it didn’t seem like a scam from the outside even with only ‘Michael’ as the name.

Unlike many other scams, the email was well setout with paragraphs, line breaks and commas used in the correct fashion. There was one mistake that stood which was the word ‘didn’t’ being spelt without an apostrophe.

I wasn’t expecting a document from anyone so with all of the above factors, I was very suspicious of the email and would never have clicked the link claiming to be going to Google Documents – even though this is a smart way of transferring a document.

To find out where the link is going, simply scroll your mouse cursor over the linked text and depending on your program, the real link will appear in an additional small window or at the bottom left hand side of your web browser.

As always, never click any link from someone you don’t know or an email which looks suspicious from someone you do.