Travelling con men on the rise

Recent reports of travelling con men have revealed that it’s not only your money which is at risk. If there’s a knock at your door, what should you be on the lookout for?

The first report of travelling con men comes from Brisbane, with two men in a ute approaching an elderly couple and offering to clean the roof of their house. Through the use of a high-pressure water cleaner, the two men inadvertently exposed asbestos in the roof.

Not only were the two men not properly qualified to carry out the work, what they did was illegal. If you’re unsure about asbestos in your home, you should visit

The second report involves two men selling cameras and surround-sound equipment, have been claiming that the goods are worth $20,000, but they will accept $500 or $1000 if paid in cash.  It is likely that such goods have been stolen or are of inferior quality.

If you have been approached with such an offer, you can call the Travelling Con men Hotline on 1300 133 408 or you can find out if there are such scams operating in your area at www.stoptravellingcon

Written by Debbie McTaggart