Secure Access

How to get around difficult two factor authentication issues

If you fear the hassle of 2FA, there is an easier way.

How to avoid being tracked online

There are ways to throw off the technology tracking your online activity.

Password managers explained: do you need one? Are they safe?

Coming up with strong, varied passwords can be painful.

Safeguard your identity and lock out the scammers

What you must do to prevent identity theft and stay safe online.

Should the facial recognition database cause you concern?

Concerns abound about the scope and safeguards surrounding facial recognition.

Consumer spyware apps could violate Australian laws

Readily available consumer spyware products potentially violate a range of Australian laws.

The best password managers of 2019

We've found five of the best password managers to help you keep your digital world secure.

How Google plans to kill off the password

The latest update from Google spells the end of the ‘password' over the next decade.

New scam claims to have recorded a video of you watching porn

A new email scam that attempts to extort $1400 from victims is making the rounds.

How to stop Google tracking you

Google is currently tracking your physical location and all of your search history.

Cyber criminals release 1.4 billion users’ hacked records

Data breaches involving 1.4 billion records have been aggregated by cyber criminals.

How private is your internet browser’s private mode?

Do you use ‘incognito' mode? It might not hide as much as you think!

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