SMS Scams

Webmaster, Drew, got an SMS on his mobile phone yesterday claiming he had won $120,000 and had to reply to claim it. An obvious scam, which can cost you hundreds of dollars if you reply!

Obviously no company in their right mind will SMS you saying you won $120k however, many people do fall for this kind of scam. We simply don’t expect a scam to come via our mobile phones in this form!

What happens if you reply?

Generally if you reply, you will be charged a premium number service fee of anywhere from $5 to $15 and may be automatically subscribed to receive a premium service and be on their list to receive up to 3 SMS messages a week costing $5-$15 each. If you do get on one of these lists, try and remove yourself straight away. It is a legal requirement that the message must include how to unsubscribe.