SMS verification

SMS verification, or ‘two-step verification’ is a simple feature which enables you to receive a temporary password in a text message or phone call, whenever you log in to an account, or whenever you log in on a new computer.

This security feature isn’t available on everything, but you’ll find a quick tutorial for Gmail and Hotmail/Outlook below. Some Australian banks also offer SMS verification for logging into online banking or sending money online. To find out more contact your bank.

If you’re setting up SMS verification on the phone on which you’ll be receiving the code, you might want to keep a pad and pen nearby so that you can jot down the verification code you receive, as they’ll typically be a series of random digits.


To activate SMS verification on your Google account, first sign into your account on a computer. Then click on your profile picture at the top right hand corner of your screen (by default it will be a blue circle with a person in it, if you can’t find this try clicking your name) and select ‘Account’. From here click on the ‘Security’ tab and underneath ‘2-Step Verification’ select ‘Setup”.

From here you’ll have to sign in again, then enter your mobile phone number. You can also choose whether or not you would prefer SMS messages or a voice call. When you receive the verification code, enter it and click next. When finished you’ll be taken back to the 2-Step Verification settings page where you can add backup phone numbers or change settings.

If you have any problems you check Google’s support page for more information.


Hotmail or Outlook

First, sign into your Microsoft account.
You may have to enter your password again or verify yourself in another way before you make these changes, as you’ll be able to view personal information. Next, under the ‘Security & Password’ tab, look for the heading Two-Step Verification, then click ‘Set up two-step verification’. Then follow the few simple steps and your account will be secure.

Microsoft also has an app for iPhone, iPad or Android which will enable you to receive verification codes without needing to use SMS. If you would like to use this, follow the steps as directed above, during the setup process Microsoft will inform you about the app and ask if you would set it up. 





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