Spam Report!

The producers of the popular Norton anti-virus software, Symantec, have released their Asia Pacific region spam facts, figures and trends for July 2009.

Over the past year, Spam emails have started using image spam which cannot be scanned and gets by the usual spam protocols in our email clients. It is reported that 17 percent of all spam emails in July were images.

The flow of spam relating to Michael Jackson and American President, Barack Obama, continued to hit our inboxes at a steady pace, while spam related to health products has actually decreased by 17 percent! With the release of popular movies and books comes specific spam campaigns. None more so than the latest Harry Potter movie, where related campaigns of significant magnitude were created and sent worldwide.

The newest scam that has been pushed into our emails over the last month has been the offering of solutions to eavesdrop and track down someone over their phone, by installing software that is being claimed to be similar to “Net Nanny” for computers. Although with a phone it is said to record their conversations, upload all messages sent and received and even have a built in GPS location to show where they were at specific times of the day, all of which is untrue.

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, don’t click it.