Virus infects nine million PCs

A computer virus has been spreading across the world at a rapid rate in recent months, infecting home users and also large companies using Microsoft Windows products.

F-Security, a private online security firm says the virus has infected over 9 million machines worldwide and is growing on a daily basis.

What does the virus do and how do you know you have it?

While using relevant programs, such as Internet Explorer, the virus will alert the computer user to infections on the machine, which do not exist. No matter what you click next on the popup, it will then take you to an advertisement for anti-virus software which will “clear the infections” for a price, such as $39.99, with a guarantee and so on.

Microsoft released a security update to combat this problem on 13 January 2009, but many users do not have Windows automatic updates activated, so it would be advised to download the free Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool here.

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