Is your antivirus tracking you?

The latest privacy policy update of the antivirus software company AVG has revealed that the company istracking the users of their products and will start selling their data.

The updated policy comes into effect as of 15 October 2015 and goes into detail describing how AVG will sell onto third parties the users’‘non-personal’ data. AVG state that they are selling this data to ‘make money from our free offerings so we can keep them free’.

AVG class non-personal data as:

  • browsing and search history
  • advertising ID associated with your device
  • internet service provider or mobile network
  • information regarding other applications you may have on your device.

A spokesperson for AVG said that “users who do not want [the security firm] to use non-personal data in this way will be able to turn it off”. The default setting for every user of AVG as of 15 October will be set to opt in. 

What do you think? Is AVG’s selling of the tracking and behavioural data of its users a step too far? 

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Written by Drew

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