Your online privacy rights

After a lawsuit in Europe, Google is complying with the “right to be forgotten” ruling.

Your online privacy rights

Google has been forced to allow users to submit links containing personal information to be removed following a landmark lawsuit in Europe, whereby a Spanish man sued Google. Mario Costeja Gonzalez sued Google for defamation after he found it was displaying news articles relating back to 1998, containing his social security debts as the first search result under his name. Mr Gonzalez had since resolved all of these debts and his case was built around the loss of reputation, honour and dignity. Following the ruling, Google has received over 40,000 applications in the first few days of allowing submissions.

What do search engines remember about you?

Anywhere your name appears is logged and remembered by a search. Search engines cache information so that even if it is deleted or changes over time, a saved version will be available to view.

How can I get a search engine to delete any links about me?

Currently, only Europeans can request that Google removes links about them. The form for Europeans is available here.

If you want information about yourself removed online, you will have to contact the website hosting the content and tell them why you would like it removed, however it is are under no obligation to do so, unless it is breaking any laws.

Will Australians’ have the right to be forgotten in the future?

It's hard to say whether or not Google will bring this to Australia, as it is in response to a lawsuit rather than Google's own wishes. It's likely that we will only see this feature introduced here if an Australian successfully sues Google in a similar manner to the case in Spain.


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    25th Jun 2014
    I want Google's and You/Tube's CEO All the Office Staff and Their Shareholders Real Names and Addresses Put up for the World to See like they did to us !! Without any Permission what so ever !??.. I was stunned !!.. Personally I don't care if The Pope, The Rabi, The Imran, or the Minister Reads anything I write !!.. But Your name and Address ?? I'll leave that for others to argue about !!
    25th Jun 2014
    Ps ..As I've told others that Have Emailed Me and Said... What's going on with You/Tube putting My Real Name on Blog Replies ?? And all I tell them is You didn't go into those Sites with Your Real Name did You ?? .. John Smith is Fine !!
    25th Jun 2014
    But then not being a Philadelphia Lawyer there Might have been something in the 2 Billion Pages of Small Print Sign Up I MISSED ???
    26th Jun 2014
    Parti, you need to be European.
    26th Jun 2014
    Frank...That was Australia for Yer !!
    29th Jun 2014
    Frank.. Or some sort of Pean anyhow ??

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