Set up email on Apple devices

Just follow these five steps to have your email easily accessible from your iPhone or iPad, you can even set up multiple accounts.


  1. From your home page, tap ‘Settings’.
  2. From here, scroll down to and then tap ‘Mail, Contacts Calendars’.
  3. Tap ‘Add Account’.
  4. Select your email provider from the list and enter your details and then tap ‘Save’.
    If your email provider is not on the default list then select ‘Other’. From here, select ‘Add Mail Account’ and then enter in your details. The next screen will probably ask for information which you don’t have access to, but you can usually find it by Google searching: ‘[insert name of your email provider] email settings iPhone’.  Alternatively, you can contact your email provider and ask them for this information.
  5. You’re done! From here you’ll be able to change some settings and choose how frequently your device will check for (fetch) new mail. 

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