Set up multiple user profiles

Dragon voice recognition software has the ability to create and store multiple user profiles. You can set up a profile for yourself, your partner or even the grandkids. Dragon’s intuitive recognition of voice commands means it can understand different accents and speech styles, which is handy because your partner or the kids will speak differently to you.

Setting up user profiles with Dragon is simple. After installing the software on your computer, the program walks you through most of the set up process. There is also a learning centre and many tutorials, which will help you get a better understanding of the software.

You can set up a user profile for someone who may not know exactly how to use a computer. Dragon’s recognition of voice commands means it can do the navigating for them, with minimal need for the mouse or keyboard use. If your partner wants to create an email, they could simply say “create an email” and Dragon will open up the necessary files for them to then fill out orally.

The possibilities and ways in which you can make Dragon voice recognition software work for you are endless.

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