Should I replace my PC with an iPad?

YOURLifeChoices answers subscriber Joyce’s question on whether an iPad is an effective replacement for her desktop computer.

Q. Joyce
Hi, I’m not to sure exactly what the iPad does/is and was wondering whether it would be suitable as a replacement for my computer, which I am considering upgrading.  As I mainly use the computer to access information, send emails and store photographs, should I just buy an iPad?

A. Hi Joyce,

One of the major drawcards of the iPad is its simplicity. It does most of the tasks a regular computer does, including sending emails, accessing information on the internet and storing photographs, as well as much more. One major advantage of the iPad is that it has also streamlined the process of the computing experience greatly. Instead of the large number of features some computers have, the iPad tablet uses ‘apps’ which allow you to access the information you need immediately.

March 2012, one year after the release of the iPad 2, saw the release of Apple’s newest iPad. The iPad3 offers a front and rear facing camera, a faster processor and is thinner and lighter than previous versions. While you may or may not be interested in the upgraded version, late adapters to the iPad are enjoying a significant drop in the price of the original iPad and iPad 2.

A good quality PC will cost anywhere between $650 and $2000 when you factor in the cost of the screen, keyboard and mouse, anti-virus protection and setting up a home internet network. The 16GB iPad3 can be purchased for as little as $558. It is important to note that the iPad does not plug into your home broadband connection, it uses wireless networking to access the internet. With this in mind you will either need to setup your local internet connection through a wireless network or cancel your internet plan and purchase a 3G wireless sim card which plugs into your iPad.

It is essential to spend an extra $50-$100 on a quality case for the iPad which includes a Bluetooth keyboard, which allows you to type documents on your iPad without having to use the touch screen.

If you are looking to evolve with technology and embrace this amazing new tablet computer, which not only completes most of the essential tasks of a normal PC, but does so in for a fraction of both the size and the cost, then it makes sense to dip your feet into the tablet computer pool.

Written by Drew

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