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There are more than thirty powerhouses involved in the social networking phenomenon sweeping the internet at the moment, with undoubtedly Facebook and Twitter leading the charge.

YourLifeChoices shows you how to get involved.

Make Facebook’s app less intrusive

Facebook app on phone in back jeans pocket

Make Facebook’s app less intrusive

A few simple ways to make the Facebook app less intrusive.

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How to be kind to people online

How to be kind to people online

How to be kind to people online

We share author and blogger Bernadette Russell’s tips on how to be kind to people ...

Delete yourself from the internet

How to delete yourself from the internet

Delete yourself from the internet

Erasing yourself entirely from the internet can be a big task, but it is possible. ...

Man found guilty for 'liking' posts

Man found guilty of 'liking' posts

Man found guilty for 'liking' posts

A Facebook user has been convicted of defamation for 'liking' a post.

Five things never to post online

Concert tickets

Five things never to post online

Sharing may be caring, but not when it’s done online.


Starting out on social media

With which social media websites should you sign up?

Which should you use?

Understanding acronyms

Drew shares commonly used text chat acronyms and what they mean.


Unfriend notifications on Facebook

Get notifications via email every time someone unfriends you on Facebook.

Track who unfriends you


Keep your Facebook account secure

Follow our helpful hints on how to keep your Facebook account secure.

Stay safe online

Facebook implements ‘save’ feature

This new feature allows you to save links that you see on your Facebook to read later.

Find out how to use it.

Facebook to track your web browsing

Facebook is implementing a new system to target each user with personalised ads.

Can you turn it off?

Tutorials / How To

Take control of your Facebook feed

Are you sick of only seeing what Facebook wants you to see?

Simple tip

Do you know your email etiquette?

Email may be the easiest way to communicate with others, but unless you know the etiquette, emails can be misconstrued and land you in hot water. Avoid misunderstandings with these simple rules. 1. Do not overuse the high priority, urgent and ...

Read the rules

How to turn off Facebook emails

Declutter your inbox by disabling unnecessary Facebook notification emails.

Quick tutorial

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