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COVID-19 pandemic may have a silver lining for older Australians

Enforced isolation could lead to promising social and technological advancements for older people.

What happens to you online when you die?

Knowing how to deactivate online accounts when loved ones die can save you a lot of pain.

If Dr Google's making you sick with worry, there's help

If Dr Google is making you sick with worry, there is help available.

Has Facebook found the answer to reining in fake news?

Can hiding likes make Facebook fairer and rein in fake news? The science says maybe.

You need to change your Facebook password

Facebook has admitted to leaving the passwords of up to 600 million users readable to employees.

How to delete yourself from the internet

Fear not: erasing yourself from the internet is possible.

Everything that happens in just one minute on the internet

Have you ever wondered what happens in just one internet minute?

Apple launches effort to stop Facebook tracking users

Facebook's ability to automatically track web users comes under attack.

Facebook wants to be more than 'friends'

Facebook is introducing a new 'dating' feature for its 200 million single users.

20 time-saving Facebook tips

Waste your time more efficiently with our Facebook cheat sheet.

How to spice up your text messages with emojis and GIFs

Here's how to access and use emojis and GIFs for the most fun over text.

Older Australians suffering from digital inclusion gap

Swinburne University develops a model to build digital literacy among over 60s.

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