Do you Youtube?

The real question is, why do you not YouTube! Everyone is doing it! YouTube is one of the biggest online community websites in the world. It can be used by the most computer illiterate of users, up to the “video blogging experts”.

The key feature of YouTube is the wealth of videos provided on a wide range of topics and the relevance when searched for. If you are looking to listen to a old favourite song such as Henry Hall singing his 1932 classic, The Teddy Bear’s Picnic, or if you are simply looking for a laugh, type in stand up comedy, or your favourite comedians name such as Jerry Seinfeld and you will be overwhelmed with hours of hilarious material.

Apart from the “comedy”, “jokes” and “music” side that YouTube is well known for producing, there are many video’s dedicated to cooking, healthy living, wellbeing and many other sections that may be of interest to you, including this informational video on Tai Chi.

How to YouTube

If you are unfamiliar with YouTube, I will run you through the basics of this website:

Click this link to go to YouTube.

As you enter the site, you will be prompted with a number of options and will feel overwhelmed. As an advanced technology user, every time I go to the YouTube homepage, I also feel this pain. Lucky for us, we can search for whatever we want by clicking in the dialogue box shown below and entering a category such as “jokes” shown by the red arrow below, then clicking search (blue arrow).

This search we just performed was very broad, and we can define this search further by clicking in advanced, which is located next to the search button on the right of it.
Once we have clicked advanced, the following box will appear, shown to us below.

Now we can define our search further. For example, we have searched for jokes, now we want to refine what we are looking for. In my example I have selected a short joke, which is less than 4 minutes. I have selected only jokes in English under Language. I have then asked it to sort results by rated which means the most highly rated, (and hopefully funniest) jokes will be shown first when I search for it. I have decided that I won’t put any restriction on when the video was posted, as I don’t think this matters when it comes to jokes. Now we simply click search and we will be prompted by a screen of jokes which give us a short detail of what the jokes are about, their rating as seen below pointed out by the arrow, and the duration. Simply click on the title of the video for example “Best scrubs joke” and watch it! Once you are done, click back and you can view the rest!

Now that we have mastered the search system, it is time for the simple stuff! We all love to know what everyone else is watching. Click the “videos” tab at the top, shown below by the blue arrow and you will be taken to a new page. I have pointed out all the relevant tabs below you can choose from with the red arrows. Simply click on one of those (you will start on Most Viewed page) and work your way around to see what everyone else is watching!

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