Facebook adds search function

In a move which is sure to fire-up the privacy critics, Facebook has added the first phase of its ‘Graph Search’ function which will increase interaction and return customised search results based on your friends data.

It has been a long time coming for Facebook, but is has finally delivered what looks like a game-changing search function. Facebook has been falling behind recently due to lack of innovation and the search box will pull it out of this slump.

So how does Graph Search work?
Depending on what you search, Graph Search uses the information it knows about every user signed up to Facebook and returns results to your search.

Example 1
Rachel is travelling toNew York in a few weeks and needs some information on where to stay and what to do. To find out which of her friends can help, Rachel uses Graph Search and types in ‘Photos of my friends inNew York’ to find out which of her friends have visitedNew York. 

Example 2
Debbie has just moved to a new town for work and is passionate about ice skating. She wants to find like minded people who also enjoy ice skating so she uses Graph Search and types in ‘People who like Ice Skating and live inMelbourne,Australia’. Debbie can now go through the list of people and add a few to try and find that friend she is looking for.

Example 3
Kaye has travelled up toSydney for the weekend with her husband David and is looking for a top dining experience. Kaye uses Graph Search and types in ‘Restaurants inSydney my friends have been to’ and Kaye will receive a list of restaurants her friends have visited with detailed information about each of them.

Find out more and join the waiting list here.

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