Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are designed to be used as a meeting place for communication within a small group.

Groups are usually centred on common interests, opinions and causes. For example, members of a book club might like to create a Group so that they can share posts, photos and opinions with other members. Everything you share within the Group appears on the wall for all Group members to see.

Facebook Groups also allow members to send mass messages (such as a mailing list) to all of the members of the Group. These messages are useful if you need to contact everyone directly regarding an event or meeting.

Setting up a Group

Step 1

Login to Facebook or create a new account if you do not have one yet.

Step 2

Visit the ‘Groups’ page on Facebook by clicking here. You can also navigate straight from your Timeline by clicking on ‘Groups’ in the menu on the left. This will bring up a page that will list all of the Groups you are a member of. If you are not part of a Group, this is your chance to create one.

To create a Group, click on the button above that says ‘Create Group’.

Step 3

Name of Group:

A window will pop up for you to type in the name of your Group.

Adding Members:

To add members to the Group, click on the white space for members and type the start of the member’s name. When that member pops up, click on him/her and he/she will be added to the Group. You don’t have to add everybody now. Members can also be added once the Group is created.


Once you have done that, you will need to decide if your Group will be Open (anyone can see the Group and posts), Closed (anyone can see the Group, but not the posts), or Secret (Only members of the Group can see the group and posts).

Step 4

Your have now created your Group. Congratulations! All members of your Group will be notified that your Group exists and will be able to post items on the Group’s wall.

Step 5

Now you might like to customise your Group by adding some information about its purpose. To do this, click on ‘Edit Group’ (on the right-hand side).

To change the picture that represents your Group, click on ‘Choose File’ or ‘Take a Picture’.


Below this, you can write a description for your Group, change your privacy settings, or name.