Facebook hashtag faux pas

We all may think we’re a whizz on Facebook, but a recent embarrassing hashtag ‘scandal’ gave Debbie’s friend a seriously red face. How did she get caught out?

My good friend Lou is incredibly excited about her upcoming trip to Hong Kong, where she’s meeting her husband who has been overseas for a while. She thought she would share this news on Facebook, with a post which went something like this:

“Best thing about studying is being able to sneak off to Hong Kong for the weekend with my hubby. #Asiansensation”

She then shut down Facebook and went back to studying, only to receive several messages from friends advising her she may wish to check her post. Unfortunately for Lou, Facebook had recognised the hashtag and associated it to similar posts with the moniker ‘Asiansensation’ which, shall we say, were a little more colourful than she would have preferred and resulted in her essentially running a link to a porn site through her post.

She did delete it as soon as she found out, but not before it had been seen by colleagues, family members and casual Facebook acquaintances.

So the moral of this story is to always be very careful what you are hashtagging and check your privacy settings on Facebook.

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Written by Debbie McTaggart