Facebook to help you ditch your ex

Facebook has plans to help you to obliterate your ex from your social media.

Facebook to help you ditch your ex

Never mind washing that man (or woman) right out of your hair – Facebook has plans to help you to obliterate them from your social media, too.

As strange as it may seem, some people choose to let their partner know it’s over by simply updating their Facebook profile. Catching onto the importance of this ‘rite of passage’, the social media giant is planning to make it easier to erase your ex from your life altogether.

Facebook will start testing tools to help you decide how and when you want to engage with your ex on the site. Once you change your relationship status to single, you will soon be given the option of choosing how many of your posts your ex sees and vice versa – without the awkwardness of actually unfriending them.

And just in case you have slight stalker tendencies, you can also opt to no longer see their name, posts and even mentions in the posts of common friends.

The tools are currently being tested on US mobiles, and depending on feedback, will be altered and rolled out over the coming months.

Would you like to have less interaction with an ex on Facebook? Or, even after a split, are you a little curious to see what they’re up to?


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    24th Nov 2015
    This is a perfect example of how just how disconnected social media has made us all in the name of connectedness. Now we don't even have to say (or listen to) the 'its not you, its me' speech.
    24th Nov 2015
    The disappointing (though hardly surprising) thing is that most of the facebook generation will find this perfectly acceptable. Another good reason to not be on facebook.

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