Facebook Trusted Contacts

‘Trusted Contacts’ will allow for fast Facebook account recovery.

Facebook Trusted Contacts

Facebook has added a new security feature which allows you to set friends as 'Trusted Contacts' for fast account recovery.

Hacking and theft of social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter, are on the increase and setting up Facebook's new 'Trusted Contacts' security feature is a painless way of recovering your account if you ever fall victim.

The process described below is fairly simple. In essence, you are assigning three-to-five friends as 'Trusted Contacts' who, when contacted, provide you with a unique code to help recover your account. You need each 'Trusted Contacts' code to recover the account, so make sure your contacts are easily reached outside of Facebook. 

Setting up your ‘Trusted Contacts’
Start by logging into Facebook.

In the top right-hand corner you will see a cog symbol, click on this. From the drop down menu click on 'Privacy Settings'

At the top left-hand corner of your screen will be a menu. Click on the second option down named 'Security'.

The sixth option down will be 'Trusted Contacts'. Click on 'Choose Trusted Contacts' and select the three to five friends you wish to be your trusted contacts. 

If you ever need to use your 'Trusted Contacts' to recover your account, you need to direct each of your selected friends to http://www.facebook.com/recover where they can retrieve the unique code for you. 


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    Young Simmo
    29th May 2013
    I registered with Facebook and Twitter when they first started up. However I never really used them and after a couple of years I got sick of the stuff so-called friends were sending me. I went in and unsubscribed from both. WOW, what a good move, my scam e-mails went from 3 to 4 per day down to about maybe 1 per week. Yep, I lost nothing and gained a heap.

    26th Sep 2017
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