Find a penpal

Who says communication needs to be high-tech? Snail mail is back in fashion, and these handy resources will help you to find a penpal or keypal (email pal) with similar interests, or perhaps even a friend to practice a foreign language with.

Penpal Party
This website allows you to search for a penpal or keypal by age, gender, location, occupation and languages spoken. The service is free, and the website has a very strict code of conduct, requesting that all participants behave in a polite and friendly manner, and that all requests are for friendship only (this is not a dating site). It is also a more secure way of looking for a penpal, as you do not have to give out your email address. Instead you can exchange messages through your profile on the website until you feel comfortable giving your new penpal more details.

YOURLifeChoices Personal Classifieds
You might also like to put up a ‘penpal wanted’ ad on the YOURLifeChoices personal classifieds page. This can be answered by any other YOURLifeChoices reader, so at least you know they have good taste in the websites they choose to visit.

Safety tips
Never give out your address over the internet. If you are looking for someone to write letters to, invest in a Post Office Box for your safety. Once you have been talking to your penpal or keypal for a while, you may decide that you wish to meet up face-to-face. Always take a friend with you, and organise to meet up in a public place such as a café. Having a penpal or keypal can be a wonderful experience, but always remember to put your safety first—if you feel uncomfortable it is okay to leave or cut off communication, even if you are worried about hurting their feelings.