Getting started with Bitstrips

Create one-panel digital cartoons with your friends on Facebook through Bitstrips.

Getting started with Bitstrips

Goofy personalised one-panel digital cartoons called Bitstrips have taken Facebook news feeds by storm. Bitstrips are the single biggest growing trend of the past week and you will either love them or loath them.

Getting started

Login to your Facebook account and then visit the Bitstrips App page. Before going any further, select who can view your Bitstrips by choosing which option you want in the drop-down list on the right hand side below the ‘Go to App’ and ‘Install on Mobile’ buttons. I would suggest selecting ‘Friends’. Now click on the ‘Go to App’ button if you are using your computer or click ‘Install onMobile’ if using a smartphone or tablet device.

Create your avatar

You will now be walked through a detailed process whereby you go through each individual feature to come up with an avatar which looks similar to you. If you scroll down, you will find a number of your profile images included below to compare your avatar to. Finish off by selecting an outfit which suits your persona and you are done.

Creating and sharing comics

Start by selecting either ‘Make a Status Comic’ (with only your avatar) or ‘Make a Friend Comic’ (allows you to add in a Facebook friend who is also connected to Bitstrips) from the top menu. If you have chosen a ‘Make a Friend Comic’, choose the friend you wish to include. Now choose from one of the many scenarios and scenes presented to you and customise which avatar is the star and include text bubbles. Once you are happy with the comic, click the ‘Share’ button.

Removing Bitstrips from your timeline

Bitstrips can be fun, but they can also be really annoying. Instead of telling your friends and family to stop sharing a new Bitstrip every two seconds, you can remove them from your timeline for good. Scroll down until you find a Bitstrip on your feed and scroll your mouse over the Bitstrip. Click on the arrow icon which will appear in the upper right-hand corner of the Bitstrip post and from the drop-down menu click on ‘Hide all from Bitstrips’. 


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    13th Nov 2013
    ‘Hide all from Bitstrips’ is the best thing you can do for these very annoying comics.

    26th Sep 2017
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