How to review a Facebook page

Reviewing a Facebook page is simple, and will only take a few clicks. Reviewing pages can help your favourite pages gain more publicity and will show your appreciation for what is posted or the service the business provides.

Firstly, go to the page you want to review and look for a ‘review’ button. Some pages have reviews disabled, but you can find one on lots of pages, particularly small businesses, restaurants and cafes. If the page has reviews enabled, the button will be located as shown in the image below. From the ‘review’ tab you can see how other users have rated the page and read their reviews.

To write your own, click ‘Write a review’ and from there you’ll see the following screen, where you can rate the page out of five stars and leave a comment.

Are there any Facebook pages that you love and would like to share with fellow YOURLifeChoices members? Let us know in the comments below.