Apple launches effort to stop Facebook tracking users

Facebook's ability to automatically track web users comes under attack.

Keep your Facebook account secure

Follow our helpful hints on how to keep your Facebook account secure.

Facebook implements ‘save’ feature

This new feature allows you to save links that you see on your Facebook to read later.

Facebook to track your web browsing

Facebook is implementing a new system to target each user with personalised ads.

Facebook's most invasive feature

Facebook's newest feature has users up in arms again, concerned for their privacy.

Facebook makes privacy changes

This update marks an unexpected change in the company's direction.

Your Facebook Look Back video

To celebrate its 10th birthday, Facebook has introduced a personalised Look Back video.

Facebook makes all accounts public

Facebook's latest privacy update has switched most of your profile data to public.

Facebook implements edit feature

Facebook users are now able to edit their status updates.

New Facebook shared photo albums

Facebook's newest feature will allow users to contribute to a shared photo album.

Libs caught manipulating Twitter

Is the Liberal party using an army of fake accounts to boost the popularity of their tweets?

Facebook adds search function

Facebook has added the first phase of its ‘Graph Search' function

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