NPS medicines list iPhone app

The new Medicines List iPhone app provides a way for people to keep this essential information on hand. There are also other features of the app that enable people to:

  • Keep photos of medicines, packaging and dispensing labels
  • Track any changes to a medicine regimen using the change log
  • Export and print or email a copy of their medicine list and change log to discuss with their doctor or pharmacist
  • Save personal details and health professionals’ contact details
  • Note questions to discuss at the next medical appointment.

A second version is scheduled to be released in the coming months and will be available automatically to those who have already downloaded the app. The second version will include the ability to set reminders so the user can be alerted when a medicine dose is due.

For a link to the app in the iTunes store, tips and videos about how to get the best from the app visit the NPS website.

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