Staying social

As previously reported, recent Nielsen research confirms the over-50 age group as the fastest growing segment online. But apart from a deluge of new users on Facebook, what does this really mean?

The first, obvious, takeout is that the Baby Boomers are not the technological dinosaurs as previously reported. For the past decade or so we have heard about the digital natives (Millennials) and the tech-savvy Gen X&Y. Boomers were supposed to be reluctant computer users. But these glib generational generalisations overlooked the fact that most boomers still work, and in order to work they have to use technology. Most, also, have chosen to install technology at home, be it PCs, wireless networks, digital TVs. The majority also travels with the latest IT and are entirely comfortable texting and communicating digitally with netbooks, notebooks or iPhones. It’s about time the Luddite image of boomers was laid to rest for once and all…
So onto the more interesting question which is how this generation will use social media. Will they be content with “invading” Facebook and drive younger users elsewhere? Or will they, too, enjoy a mix of social media which includes Twitter, YouTube or the new IS Parade which offers a Twitter visualisation?