How to make self-isolation less lonely if you live alone

Social distancing doesn't have to be anti-social.

Understanding acronyms

Drew shares commonly used text chat acronyms and what they mean.

Unfriend notifications on Facebook

Get notifications via email every time someone unfriends you on Facebook.


Skype is a powerful tool that allows you to video call friends and family all over the world. Webmaster,

Youtube downloads and your limit

Could watching YouTube videos be the reason you are exceeding your monthly download limit? The

Online dating - staying safe

Whether you're entering the dating scene after a relationship break up, or have just been taking

Finer day

If you love the idea of Facebook but are wary about posting your information on the web, or


As the name suggests, it is your space to be who you are and let people know what you like! The


Gaining popularity recently, this site is about networking for professionals. Over five million



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