A Beginners Guide to Facebook

Facebook. It’s the social networking website that has spawned a film, generates billions of dollars and every year is visited by users in every conceivable country around the world. Facebook has somehow still eluded some of Australia’s population because they simply don’t have the time, inclination or expertise.

Well, the team at YOURLifeChoices is here to help. Over the coming weeks we will be bringing you a four part series detailing every essential aspect of Facebook. We will turn you from a friendless Fred into a ‘Mark Zuckerberg’ within weeks. (that’s a Facebook reference, it essentially means beginner to expert!)

What is it?

You have heard about it in the news, your children and grandchildren punish your power bill by spending 25 hours a day on it, but what actually is Facebook?

The nucleus of Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerburg, a Harvard university student who created the website as a way for his fellow students to keep in touch and share information. What followed was one of the fastest media expansions in recent memory. Facebook began to snowball, and branched off into every single demographic, starting with teens and tweens, then moving into singles, wives, husbands, seniors, infants and pets. It killed the seemingly indestructible Myspace, spawned the ever popular Twitter, and even became a conduit for politicians to talk to their constituents.

The main reason to make the jump over to Facebook is the fantastic opportunities it provides us to communicate with families and friends. We can chat, network and communicate without the need to spend money on travel or telephone bills. At its simplest, Facebook is a website that allows people to connect with other people. Facebook gives you a webpage or a ‘wall’ all to yourself, and you use this to connect with people you want to talk to or are familiar with, a.k.a ‘friends’. You write, or ‘post’ on your own or other people’s wall, but more on that later.

Why bother with it?

Something this popular has to be good right? With nearly 500 million users worldwide, just think of the online community you would be joining! The global reach of Facebook is literally mind boggling, and Facebook and its creators are helping shrink the world, metaphorically, by helping people keep in contact with friends, family and acquaintances from every walk of life in every continent, from every generation. With this many users, there is a large chance that many people you know from all parts of your life are already using Facebook.

Most importantly, it’s free! And according to its webpage, always will be. This means you have no financial reason not to bother with this great site.

Also, there is the notion of being part of something. These days, social media is becoming just as important as television and print. Journalists take quotes from Twitter and Facebook feeds, politicians chat online with their constituents through Facebook, news is literally happening all the time online, through Facebook. As an added bonus to being in touch with friends and family, why not be a part of all the action?

If you are interested in setting up a Facebook Account and want to know how to make one, download YOURLifeChoices PDF, How to make a Facebook account.

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