Facebook boo boos

Facebook, everyone’s at it, even your local MP! While some may consider their posts as witty or clever, the danger of getting caught doing something you shouldn’t, should be enough to make you think twice about what you write on your wall.
Whether you sympathise or ridicule these Facebook fools who got more than they bargained for, it’s important to learn from their mistakes.

1. Love was in the air for Stuart Slann of Sheffield, who, after driving 400 miles to meet ‘Emma’, who he met on Facebook, was confronted by two rival football fans he met on holiday. Slann has since received 300 mocking e-mails a day since details of the hoax were posted on YouTube and Facebook.

2. The temptation to drive through a puddle and soak unsuspecting passengers waiting at a bus stop was just too much for a female motorist. After posting a video taken from inside the car of Facebook and YouTube, the woman has set herself up for possible prosecution.

3. Working in a call centre may be one of the world’s worst jobs and proved too much for Kyle Doyle, who pulled as sickie and bragged about it on Facebook. When challenged to proof his claim for sick leave was genuine, Doyle had the rug pulled from under him when bosses provided a screenshot of his Facebook profile.

4. Wanted for fraud charges in the US, fugitive Maxi Sopo thought he had escaped to Mexico without trace. Boasting about his new life in paradise, Sopo had apparently unwittingly added a former Justice Department official to his list of friends – making his capture all the more easy!

5. Surely the secret to a successful burglary is getting in and out as quickly as possible without detection? Unfortunately, 19-year-old Jonathan Parker not only booted up his Facebook page while looting a neighbour’s house but also forgot to log out, something which to his court appearance on burglary charges.

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