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You don’t let strangers walk inside your house and look at your photo albums or listen to your phone conversations, so why would you let random people look at your Facebook updates, your photos and even your friends… protect them now!

There are those of us who are paranoid about our privacy on the internet who create 12 letter passwords including upper case letters and numbers, then there are those of us who use the same football team or family name as our passwords on each and every website and email account we own. No matter what your level of security is online, you should be concerned about your Facebook privacy levels, because anyone who finds their way to your Facebook page can see what you are writing, who your friends are and even your personal information if you have not updated your privacy status.

How to fix your privacy settings

Log into your Facebook account. In the top right hand corner is a box called “Account” with a drop down menu. Left click on “Account” and from the drop down menu, left click “Privacy Settings”.

On the left hand side you can choose from five different options: Everyone, Friends of Friends, Friends only, Recommended or custom. We are going to choose left click on Custom as we do not want Facebook telling us what they think we need!
Now if you move your cursor about two inches down to the right, you will see the words “Customise settings” as per the photo on our right. Left click this icon.

The following settings can be set up, as you like. I have listed below how I share each setting to keep a medium level of privacy. Once you have changed your settings, scroll back to the top of the screen and on the far right hand side there is a tab called “Preview My Profile”. This is how your profile will look to anyone looking at your profile for the first time. If you are happy with it then you are done! If you want to customise it more, click on “Back to Privacy Settings” and repeat the previous steps.

Things I share
Posts by me: Friends Only
Family: Everyone
Relationships: Friends Only
Interested in and looking for: Friends Only
Bio and favorite quotations: Everyone
Website: Everyone
Religious and political views: Friends of Friends
Birthday: Friends of Friends

Things others share
Photos and videos I’m tagged in: Friends of Friends
Can comment on posts: Friends of Friends (you may wish to change this to Friends Only)
Friends can post on my wall: Yes
Can see Wall posts by friends: Friends of Friends

Contact information
Mobile Phone: Friends Only
Other Phone: Friends Only
Address: Friends Only
IM Screen Name: Friends Only
Email: Friends Only

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