Making the most out of Google

Started as a simple search engine in 1996, Google is slowly but surely taking over the internet. By introducing new features, Google is becoming a one-stop shop for all your online needs.

The widespread popularity of Google, combined with some of the world’s smartest minds and more money than several small countries put together, means that Google now offers almost every service imaginable from the one company.

The correct definition of Google literally means a number near enough to infinity. While there may be close enough to this many great services offered by Google, YOURLifeChoices has chosen the five best services Google has to offer.


Gmail has many benefits. It is a simple, effective email web server which you can access anywhere. It is still relatively new, so it doesn’t have too much traffic and with Google’s gigantic servers, it means that there is no problem whatsoever with speed. Storage, as well, is a dead issue, with over 7400 MB in space for emails in each account. Most importantly, it is free. Finally, by creating a Gmail account you now have a ‘Google account’ as well, which enables you access to all of Google’s amazing other features.

Google Calendar

Another amazing organisational tool provided free by Google. This links up with your email account, your computer desktop applications, and your mobile phone. With Google calendar, you can send invitations to events you wish to host, and guests can RSVP at the click of a button, making paper a thing of the past!
You can share your schedule with friends and co-workers to let them know when you are free or busy, and even work offline, viewing a read-only version of your calendar, ensuring that even when you’re not connected, you don’t disconnect from your appointments.

Google Maps

Google Maps is perhaps the most revolutionary technology that has come out of the internet in the last couple of years. Aside from Street View completely obliterating any semblance of online privacy we had left, it’s all progress. While some may persist or yearn for the days of driving around in circles, missing turns and exasperated drivers, the street directory is becoming a thing of the past. Now you can simply go to Google Maps, plan your route online in seconds, print out your easy to read route map, check Google Street View to ensure you have a photographic idea of where you need to be going, and sit back and enjoy the ride, safe in the knowledge that no time, nor you, will be lost.

Google Translate

If you’re attempts to be multi-lingual have ended with you getting raw fish when you’ve asked for an ashtray, then have no fear, your days of suffering through confusing Spanish transitive verbs and Cantonese characters are numbered. If you’re going on an overseas trip and need to learn a few simple phrases to get by or are having an overseas visitor stop in for a chat, simply pop your phrase into Google translate, and Bob es tu tío, tu tía Fanny. (Bob’s your Uncle, Fanny’s your Aunt)

Google News

Unfortunately, since the media in Australia is driven purely on a consumption basis, if you are a fan of world news, have no interest in sport and live in Melbourne on a Monday morning, and wish to read anything but football, you may be out of luck. The best thing about Google news is, unlike searching the Herald Sun, or Advertiser or Sydney Morning Herald website; you are given an amount of search parameters which allows you to cater for your news interests. Simply decide what you would like to hear about today, from the many search fields, and Google will continue to give you a live feed of news stories from a large number of sources from all around the world ever day.

For an added extra, check out Google Documents, a great place to store your important documents securely online.