Social Networking on the go

In this age of social media, everything has to be instantaneous. So it comes as no surprise that more and more people are using Facebook and Twitter on their smartphones in a bid to stay connected and relevant.

While any Smartphone has access to the internet, the best way to access these social networking sites is through applications or ‘Apps.’ They are specifically designed to streamline the social networking experience for smartphone technology.
Facebook application
The Facebook application is much simpler to use than browsing your facebook account through your mobile browser. It has an easy to use ‘home screen’ which acts like a menu and has quick links to your ‘news feed’, ‘events’, ‘profile’ and ‘private inbox’ pages, amongst others (as shown below).

Twitter application
Started as an app made and named by manufacturers ‘Tweetie’. It was so good and so simple to use that it was purchased by Twitter and became the default Twitter application for all ‘Twits’ to use. It works as a slimmed down version of Twitter, and it still has a ‘home screen’ where you can read tweets as well as post your own You can also post direct messages to people and check what is trending, but not much else.

Both of these applications are available for free from the iTunes store and Google Marketplace.