Unfriending Facebook friends

Whether you are sick of someone’s dramatic posts or have just added someone by mistake, Drew explains how to unfriend an undesirable on Facebook… and they won’t even know!

Log into your Facebook account. At the very top of your screen is a white box with the words ‘Search for people, places and things’. Left click in this box and type the full name of the person you are looking to unfriend. Their photo and name will appear, click on this. You will now be taken to their profile.

Once on their profile, you are looking for the button with the word ‘Friends’ in it. This is on the same line as the friends full name, but over to the right hand side of the screen. Scroll over the word ‘Friends’ and a dropdown box will appear. You now have two options. You can opt to no longer view any of this friends posts in your news feed by clicking on the words which currently have a tick against them ‘Show in News Feed’. This will mean that the person’s feelings won’t be hurt if they try and contact you in the future and you have removed them. If you do want to remove the friend completely, there is an option in the same dropdown box at the bottom called ‘Unfriend’. Click on the words and click on ‘Remove from Friends’ in the pop-up window which appears. You will get a confirmation that the person has been removed as a friend. Click ok.

You have now unfriended that person from your Facebook life.

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