The appalling role models influencing younger generations

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I know I am not in the demographic to be affected by the influencers of the world. I am too old, rarely use my Instagram account and hardly rate a mention on Facebook, preferring to keep my privacy a tiny bit intact.

To be quite frank, up until a few years ago I had zero knowledge of the term until one of my daughters rolled her eyes in horror and disbelief and explained to me about the millions of followers some influencers have on social media and how much money they can make through just being themselves. Well, not exactly themselves, I thought, as this rare species was explained to me. Surely, they just create a fantasy version of themselves that they publicly show and then somewhere in the quiet of their room/mansion they can be more like the rest of us, human, with the usual array of plain ordinary looks and behaviour.

However, this conclusion of mine was rudely demolished the other day as I innocently read about the Australian Open tennis preparations. Evidently there are complaints about quarantine by some of the internationally renowned tennis players. Some sympathy was evoked as they unexpectedly found themselves in lockdown for longer, in a hotel room without the chance to practise on a court. Yes, I could appreciate the hardship but the next revelation and complaint blew me away. One of the players’ girlfriends complained about being unable to wash her hair. I puzzled over this as I continued to read the post, baffled by the idea. Wasn’t there a shower in the hotel suite? Shampoo in the bathroom? Running water? We are a first world country after all and we had arranged very nice hotel accommodation for our international players.

But, no, I had the wrong end of the stick as they say, or should I say the wrong end of the hairbrush. The girlfriend was a famous influencer who never washes her own hair! Evidently, she always has a hairdresser who washes her hair for her and styles it twice a week. Her world had come apart because no-one was allowed to visit her room in quarantine and she would have to wash her hair HERSELF. The sheer misery of it. She would have to look plain ordinary to her millions of followers and risk the shame that came with that … I let my sarcasm run loose in my head for a bit.

I was truly gobsmacked and thought this was extremely funny until I realised that this was a young woman who many people around the world follow, imitate and look up to. What kind of an appalling role model is she? Now I am sure there are worse behaviours out there in cyberland, but, really, why doesn’t this young girl see the vacuous note of her complaint and get on board with some real-life issues that our young need to be concerned about. Global warming, fascist populist dictatorships and the demise of a good quality hairbrush.

Just a suggestion.

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    The “Greed Breed” are bad enough without these other Clowns Influencing the..

  2. 1

    But that young woman, like many others, sells images of herself on the ‘Only Fans’ website that can only be described as pornographic. Not only are other young girls being told they can pay for someone else to take care of their basic hygiene they can sell their bodies online for ‘ likes’.

    This is so sad.

    PS if you see the footage of her actually making the remarks, take a look at the state of the room behind her. A few basic life skills are sorely needed!

  3. 1

    “Entitled Generation and Influencers”, what is the world coming to, these knobs are making money by being a bad influence and bad roll models to the younger generation and uneducated bogans who don’t have a life except facebook, twitter and other on line crap, don’t they have anything else to do.
    Get a job, travel and look after your kids and keep them off the street.
    These Influencers are not good citisens, the same with the damn footbrawlers who think the world owes them a living and expecting they can do drugs, beat their partners and drink to excess, have multiple sex partners even when married, then have the tax payer of NSW build them the coliseums to do battle even if most of the population can’t stand the stupid game. Just because It brings in some money the sporters have special treatment and are able to put the rest of the population at risk with covid.



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