Free email program

YOURLifeChoices subscriber, Carol, purchased a new computer which didn’t come with an email program so Webmaster, Drew, went to work to find one that was easy-to-use and free.

Q. Carol
I’ve just purchased a new computer and foolishly thought it would come with Microsoft Outlook already installed. Do I have to pay for Outlook or can I get it free?

Carol, I have something even better than Microsoft Outlook in mind, and it’s free. Mozilla, who also provide the internet browser named Mozilla Firefox, have an equivalent to Outlook, Thunderbird. I have never used the program before as I had always had access to Outlook but I may now be changing to Thunderbird.

I started out as a skeptic but downloading the program was straight-forward and at 8mb, puts no strain on your bandwidth limits. The installation process was also simple. With Microsoft Outlook and Express, the hardest part was always setting-up the email account, as you had to locate complicated information that was never easily accessible.

Mozilla Thunderbird finds all this information for you (my jaw literally hit the floor). As you can see in the example to the right, the only information you enter is at the top (name, email address and password). The Thunderbird server then confirms the information with your ISP and detects your outgoing email box settings. All you need do is click on “Create Account” and click on “Accept” in the pop-up box.

There are other impressive features with Thunderbird. Much like their internet browser, the mailbox opens all emails in tabs within the Inbox. This means you can have 4-5 emails open at the same time without having to collapse the field in your menu, in the Windows task bar to find an email!

For those who are sick of Microsoft Outlook, you can export all your contact details to Thunderbird (you will be prompted to do this when you install it).

To download and use Mozilla Thunderbird free, click here.