Free online document storage

Store and share your documents free and securely online. Just on the off chance a household accident destroys your PC, or your computer becomes infected with a virus, keep those important documents intact!

A new release from Google adds to the ever-increasing line of features offered by the web gurus. Google Docs is one of the most useful features added to Google’s impressive list of tools. Google Docs allows the user to upload a document or text and save it in their profile. The user can then share the information with 50 email addresses if they desire and set certain emails with the ability to edit the material if they choose to!

How do I get started?

Visit the Google Docs website.

If you do not already have a Google account, you will need to create one. This will only take a minute and you will definitely use it in the future. If you already have a Google account, sign in now.

Unlike other applications, you do not need to opt in or sign up, it will automatically let you in and enable you to use it right away!

The set up is very simple. Set up like an online email address, you click the “New” button to create a new document, presentation or spreadsheet. If you are looking to upload a file to be stored or to share with friends, you hit the “Upload” button and find the file on your computer by hitting the “Browse” button. Once you have selected the file, hit “OK” and then “Upload File”. It will now upload and open the document in a web format for you. If you want to share this file, you can see the button at the top right hand side of the screen next to “Save” and “Save and Close”.

If you want to share this file with friends, click “Share and Invite” people. Now put in the email addresses of whom you wish to be able to view the item. You have two options to choose from below this address box, you can click “To Edit” or “To View”. If you want some people to edit and some to view, click the relevant one, enter your message in the box to the right and invite those people you want to be able to edit your document, then put in the email addresses of those who you want to be able to view only and enter your message and send to them.

Now click across to the “Advanced Permissions” tab at the top of the mini screen. You can now choose if those who you have invited can invite others to view the item or to even edit it.

Now click “Save & Close” and you’re done with inviting.

At the top right of the page you can now click “Save & Close” to take you back to the Docs homepage!

Enjoy and backup those files!

While you’re at it, make sure you have a Virus Scanner on your computer. If you don’t, download a free Anti-Virus program.