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The most-used chat program worldwide, Windows Messenger allows you to chat, video call, share files and photos, play games and have multi-way chats!

How to download and install messenger
Visit the Windows Live website and click on the download button as per the image to the right.

A pop-up will now appear. If using Internet Explorer, click Run, if using Mozilla Firefox, click Save File and then run the file from the downloads popup.

Now, choose the programs you would like to install. For this demonstration, we are only installing Messenger. This will already be selected. Before you click install, you will need to close Internet Explorer. Now, click Install at the bottom right of the screen.

Depending on how fast your computer and internet connection is, this stage may take anywhere from two to thirty minutes.

Once installed, you need to be careful of the next pop-up. Do not just hit Continue. We recommend all users to uncheck the top two boxes, which are trying to set Bing as your selected search provider and MSN as your home page. Make sure they are unselected and then hit Continue.

If you do not already have a Hotmail, Messenger or Xbox Live account, you will need to sign up for a Windows Live ID. Click Sign-up in this pop-up now. If you already have an account, click Close.

Once you have signed up for an account, click the Close button.

Now the login to Windows Messenger will pop up. Enter your email address and password to sign in.

How to customise my Windows Messenger
At the top of your Messenger, as per the picture to the right, click the down arrow button and then select Options. This area gives you the chance to change your display name, display picture, comments and away settings. Furthermore, you can change many more settings by clicking the tabs on the left such as Layout, Sounds and Alerts. Once you have made a change and want to keep it, click the Apply button at the bottom. When you are done, click Ok and the changes will have been made.

How to add a friend
As per the image on the right, click the arrow next to the little messenger figure. This will drop down and you will be given the option to “Add a contact”, click it. Now enter the email address of your friend who is already a user of Windows Messenger and click the Next button. You will be given the chance to send a personalised message so they know it is you. Click Send Invitation when complete and you have added a friend. Repeat for additional friends.

Once a friend comes online, double click with your left mouse button on their name and a window will appear. Just click inside the text box provided and start chatting.

Sign-on to Windows Messenger now!

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