Monitor your downloads

Don’t be a victim of “bill shock”. Monitoring your download limit can save you money and banish the fear of a hefty bill each month. A simple, free add-on tool could save you hundreds of dollars.

Available to users of Mozilla Firefox, which if you have not downloaded already, is a much more stable internet browser than Internet Explorer. This add-on puts a usage meter onto your browser toolbar, which makes it simple and easy to monitor your internet usage.

How to install this add-on

Add-ons are very helpful to Mozilla Firefox users but are still largely an untapped resource of which many users are unaware. The advantages of many select programs are numerous and as they are free for your own use, it seems silly not to use them.

  • At the top of your browser, select “Tools”, and click “Add-ons”.
  • A window will open, there will be four tabs at the top, click on the far left one named “Get Add-ons”. There will be room to type in a search. Type in the words “Net usage”. The top item should be the Net usage program we are talking about. Click “install this add-on”. Once you have installed this add-on, Firefox will restart and the add-on will be available for use. Now you need to put it on to your toolbar and customise it. Right click on the tool bar and click “Customise”.
  • Scroll down until you see the icon and name “Net Usage” and left click it and keep it clicked down, and drag it onto your toolbar.
  • Now close the customise menu and right click on the “Net usage” item and click “Preferences”.
  • Select your ISP provider from the list and select “Auto Refresh” (every four hours should be sufficient).
  • Enter your username and password
  • Now enter your download limits. Some plans have peak and offpeak limits so there is a place for both of these, if you are unsure and only know you have 3GB(3000MB) limit for example, enter it into the peak limit and 0 into offpeak. If you are on offpeak, enter the details and also the times your offpeak times are below.
  • Click “OK” and you should be done, restart your Mozilla Firefox and you’re good to go.