Free wireless internet on the rise!

Find free Wireless Internet

With over 1100 free wireless hotspots Australia wide, chances are there is one near you!

The growth of the wireless hotspots over the last two years has been extremely evident in Australia, with many companies putting in their own free hotspots to attract customers to buy their products. The main player worldwide in pushing free wireless internet has been McDonalds, whom I have used in countries such as America, Canada, Germany and Russia, to name a few, for free wireless internet. Almost every McDonald’s restaurant in Australia is equiped with free wireless internet, great for those grey nomads wanting to keep in touch with friends and family on the road!

NSW – 336 free hotspots
VIC – 283 free hotspots
QLD – 224 free hotspots
SA – 164 free hotspots
WA – 82 free hotspots
TAS – 17 free hotspots
ACT – 15 free hotspots
NT – 8 free hotspots

Find a free wi-fi spot in your area.

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