Getting the most out of an app

YOURLifeChoices subscriber Barry is enjoying his TuneIn Radio app on his phone but wants to know how to make the most of the included features. Drew helps him by providing some useful information.

Q. Barry

Hi, I really like your site and would just like to say how much I appreciate the info.

I’m currently confused with an app on my mobile phone that I use to listen to ABC Radio called TuneIn Radio. Like most seniors the ABC is my favorite and the app seems great but I wish I could understand it more. Can you help?


Hi Barry,

Thanks for your question. TuneIn Radio is a very popular application being used by over 30 million users and as you know, a very handy app. It sounds as though you know how to get the station to run but not much more so I have searched the web and found a comprehensive introduction article of what features are included on the app such as pausing live radio, rewinding.

What you may find useful in the future is typing the name of the application with which you need help into Google and finishing the query with the word ‘help’. For example ‘TuneIn Radio help’. You will be surprised by the wealth of information available.