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Telstra to pay $25 million in refunds for slow internet speeds

Telstra will pay $25 million in refunds to more than 50,000 customers.

Virtual reality is benefitting seniors around the world

Virtual reality - a whole new world at your fingertips.

Australians are now paying more for mobile plans

Millions of Australian consumers will pay more for their mobile phone.

Ombudsman finds significant problems with telco sales practices

How telecommunications companies trick consumers into deals they don't need.

Why Apple’s new ‘app tracking transparency’ has angered Facebook

How does it work, what's all the fuss about, and should you use it?

Telstra accused of overselling to older Australians

Reports of loyal customers being sold products they didn't want or need.

Google Maps is about to become more intelligent than ever

Google is bringing more than 100 artificial intelligence improvements to Google Maps.

Pandemic technology boosts trust in government

The more data we share, the more we trust - if the service is good.

Netflix explores technology to target older demographic

Sick of searching for shows? Netflix is testing a solution.

The best health and fitness apps and wearables

The top 10 health and fitness wearables for everyday consumers.

Six reasons to go device-free one day a week

If it's good enough for Alicia Keys, it's good enough for us.

Targeted advertising explained

Do you ever see ads online that seem to be specifically targeting you? Learn why this happens.

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