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Which portable heater is best?

Winter is coming, which means it is time to think about heating options.

What is 'upskirting' and what are your rights to privacy?

What rights to privacy do people have with indecent photographs taken by others?

Is your email software safe? Microsoft security flaws discovered

Questions raised over Australia's cybersecurity approach.

The true cost of getting your news from Facebook and Google

Our dependence on tech giants could reduce the quality of journalism in Australia.

Got a pacemaker? Keep this item at arm's length

Patients warned of 'temporary disruptions' to their cardiac device.

Quick-charging, inexpensive battery may change driving forever

One of the major obstacles to electronic vehicles is the fear of running out of charge.

Would you let AI choose your partner?

Dating sites are increasingly taking the guesswork out of finding the perfect partner.

Why we can expect smarter healthcare in 2021 and other tech trends

The experts give their top tech trends to expect this year.

Why you may have to buy a new device whether you want to or not

What happens when we can't update our gadgets any further?

Are Australians at a ‘turning point’ on cybersecurity or still unprepared?

Sophisticated cyber attacks on the rise as PM warns businesses and individuals.

Clever app could protect aged care residents whilst still allowing visits

‘Zipline' allows facilities to track visits and stick to social distancing guidelines.

Friday Reflection: In defence of the COVIDsafe app

‘We should be critical of people who ignore social distancing guidelines, not the app.'

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