30 useful keyboard shortcuts for all browsers

A quick guide to using keyboard shortcuts to simplify internet browsing.

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Keyboard shortcuts allow you to perform simple tasks on your computer, such as opening a new tab, printing a page and zooming in on text by pressing a combination of keys at the same time. Whether you use a Mac or PC, these 30 shortcuts will save you time and turn you into a computer pro!

Browser keyboard shortcuts for Mac:

  1. Command+T – Open a new tab
  2. Command+N – Open a new window
  3. Command+Shift+T or Command+Z – Reopens the last tab you closed
  4. Command+Option+Right Arrow – Switch to the next right tab
  5. Command+ Option+Left Arrow  – Switch to the next left tab
  6. Command++ – Zoom in
  7. Command+- – Zoom out
  8. Command+0 – Default zoom level
  9. Command+Shift+4 – Screenshot part of a page (drag mouse to capture the part you wish)
  10. Command+click a link – Opens link in a new tab

General keyboards shortcuts for Mac:

  1. Command+Q – Quit any program
  2. Command+P – Print the current page
  3. Command+Option+Esc – Force quit an application
  4. Command+F – Open finder
  5. Command+H – Quickly hide the current active app

Browser keyboard shortcuts for PC:

  1. Ctrl+T – Open a new tab
  2. Ctrl+Tab – Switch to the next tab
  3. Ctrl+9 – Switch to the last tab
  4. Ctrl+W, Ctrl+F4 – Close the current tab
  5. Ctrl+Shift+T – Reopen the last closed tab
  6. Ctrl­++ – Zoom in
  7. Ctrl+- – Zoom out
  8. Ctrl+0 – Default zoom level

General keyboard shortcuts for PC:

  1. Ctrl+Q – Quit any program
  2. Ctrl+P – Print the current page
  3. F11 – Enter full-screen mode
  4. Esc – Exit full-screen mode
  5. Home – Top of page
  6. End – Bottom of page
  7. Escape – Stop an action, such as a page from loading

Which shortcut have you discovered without which you couldn’t live?



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    26th May 2016
    There are two keyboard shortcuts I could definitely not live without -

    1. Whilst holding down the CTRL key, press the mouse wheel forward to enlarge the view of incoming emails, web pages, documents etc etc. To reverse just hold down the CTRL key again and wheel backwards.
    2. The Microsoft Snipping Tool which allows one to take a capture of part or entire window, error warnings from Microsoft and other drop downs which cannot be copied any other way.
    You can also take a proper copy of a business's registration or other certificate from a government website, as well as confirmation numbers for a product or service often displayed on a website but can't be copied.

    I use Number 1 above to enlarge the page/item I want to copy, and then use Number 2 to capture it.
    26th May 2016
    Also the "Print Screen Key" PrtSc copies the whole screen to the clipboard to paste into any program and the ALT PrtSc copies the active window to clipboard, this has been around since windows 3.
    26th May 2016
    Most keyboard shortcuts take longer to use as you need to move your to the keyboard, they are actually designed for when you don't have a mouse, not as a method to save time. However one useful one is the tab key if you are filling out a properly designed form as it moves you to the next field for data entry, 99% of people I have seen move their hand to the mouse then click on the next field then go back to the keyboard for more data entry when all they needed to do was press tab.
    26th May 2016
    Double clicking anywhere on the top of a window bar alternates the window between small size and full screen
    27th May 2016
    Thank U Amelia 4 SHORTCUTS

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