49 per cent of adults send sexts

A new survey shows that half of adults are sexting.

49 per cent of adults send sexts

A new survey conducted by McAfee reveals that 49 per cent of people have sent or received a ‘sext’ in their lifetime.

Those of you unfamiliar with the term might be reaching for your dictionary, which is likely to tell you the definition of the word sext is: “the fourth of the seven canonical hours, or the service for it, originally fixed for the sixth hour of the day (or noon).” (from Macquarie Dictionary), however the meaning of the word has changed dramatically with the rise of technology.

Today, the term is a combination of the words ‘sex’ and ‘text’. Originally applying to text based messages containing indecent material, the term now applies to photo and video content, sent via smartphones.

The new research shows that men are more likely to send sexual photos and videos than women, with 53 per cent of men engaging in these activities compared to 44 per cent of women. The study also investigated what happened to this risqué content after a relationship ended, with one in ten people being threatened by an ex-partner that they would post the images or videos online, and 28 per cent regretting sending any sexts at all. McAfee has also discovered that 50 per cent of people share passwords with their partner, a practice which McAfee strongly recommends against.

There are apps that aim to make sexting safer, the most prominent and well known of which is Snapchat. Snapchat allows you to add people from your phonebook and send them images or short videos. You can set them to automatically delete after a short amount of time, up to 10 seconds. However, this app isn’t flawless, as most smartphones have a built in screenshot function which can be used to save the ‘snaps’. The app will, however, alert you when someone takes a screenshot, allowing you to scold your sextee, if you choose to do so. More apps that make sexting easier include iDelete (similar to snapchat) and Dirty Talking Lite (for text based messages).

Read more about McAfee’s study on their website.

What do you think about this recent trend? Would you sext your partner?


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    19th Feb 2014
    Sex without sex is a waste of time and money, but, whatever 'turns them on'. The telco's win every time.
    Polly Esther
    19th Feb 2014
    Oh by golly gee sounds so riveting. I've learnt something useless today, sexting if you don't mind. Excuse me while I go all hysterical. What happens after the 'sexting'? Do the folk all gather around their equipment and have a mass debate over it??
    19th Feb 2014
    No Richard they all enjoy a non tobacco cigarette followed by a chew on Nicareete.
    19th Feb 2014
    too many idle hands and idle minds...........how boring
    20th Feb 2014
    ..Mind BLOWING Stuff that !!..Wattle they think of Text ??
    20th Feb 2014
    I think Ill have a chicken and Bacon Meatball instead Thanks !!..

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